Year 2006 Destiny Changing Messages by Dr. D.K Olukoya

  1. The Battle against Poverty M1707-2006
  2. Prayer Blockers Wed2604-2006S
  3. Dealing with Beelzebub Attacks Wed0706-2006
  4. The Strange Choir, The Strange Land Wed2903-2006
  5. Divine Military Training Wed2501-2006
  6. 60 Weapons for Dealing with Satanic Intermediaries Wed11
  7. The Terrible Agenda Wed0908-2006
  8. When Your Dream-life is a Battlefield M0805-2006
  9. The Problem of Internal Idols Wed0111-2006
  10. Lifeless Slave-masters Wed2009-2006
  11. Lessons from the Aggressive Widow Wed1207-2006
  12. The Spirits of Abandonment M2404-2006
  13. The Analysis of Captivity Wed270906
  14. The Analysis of Spiritual Terror Wed0208-2006
  15. The Evil Super Market M0304-2006
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